Ask the CEO: David Zepponi

By / Apr 1, 2016
I would make the pathway to professional success more easily accessible.

David Zepponi, president and CEO of the California Association of Community Managers, answers questions from CACM member Clint McClure.

What are you doing to ensure that being a member of CACM benefits my firm and me in the short term and long term?

CACM provides nearly 170 different educational programs to train and certify you and your staff on the complexities in the community management profession. We also represent community management businesses throughout California with seminars, expos, forums, and regional courses. We’re currently developing a whole suite of programs and services designed to help your business prosper, including a professional HR and benefits program, risk protection program, asset protection, and even the possibility of wholesale cloud storage.

Our industry is highly specialized and relatively young compared to others. What is your vision to further establish global credibility for CACM?

Our goal is to build up the community association profession through the advancement of best practices, investigation of industry behavior and performance, enforcement of ethics and standards of practice, and the application of this knowledge to encourage an efficient industry. CACM has three certifications—which are not limited to practice in California—and the rigors, ideals, and philosophies of our California school of thought is reflected well by CACM-educated professionals who travel beyond our borders.

If you could change one thing about CACM to benefit members, what would it be?

I would make the pathway to professional success more easily accessible through online learning and expanded designations. And it just so happens this change is just around the corner, as CACM plans to launch our new learning management system as well as enhance our talent development network later this year.

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