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Best Benefit Ever: Professional Development for Virtual Assistants

An association focusing on virtual assistance offers some tangible benefits to help members advance their careers.

What is it? The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA) fills a variety of roles in fostering the relationships that keep the work between assistants and clients moving smoothly. Chief among those roles is that of an educator ensuring that assistants are continuing to improve and meet the challenges of the present and future. Members can obtain any of IVAA’s three certifications and¬†take part in valuable Expert of the Month chats that range from technical advice to marketing tips.. Through IVAANet, members can speak with each other about industry news and best practices while forming a network that will help fuel professional development. And members can go a step further by entering the IVAA membership program, which brings together virtual-assistance veterans and newer entrants in the profession.

Why it works: Since most virtual assistants work as contractors contributing to larger entities, professional growth is key to the assistants’ viability in a competitive marketplace. Any opportunity to improve their toolkit is welcome, and it’s those kinds of opportunities that IVAA makes a keen effort to offer.

Other benefits: Professional development and the establishment of qualifications is just one part of the virtual-assistant equation. Actually finding opportunities for work is another major component, and to help members with that, IVAA has a platform through which a request for proposal (RFP) can be made. Those looking to hire a virtual assistant can file an RFP through this platform. Those requests can only be seen by IVAA members, giving them yet another advantage over the competition.


Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

Morgan Little is a contributor to Associations Now. MORE

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