Monday Buzz: Small Engagement, Large Impact

Learn how you can keep your members connected in just a few minutes. Plus: How websites are battling falling ad sales.

Building and maintaining a community can be hard work, especially when you’re expected to engage with your members on a daily basis.

While insightful stories and member interviews are great ideas, it’s unrealistic for members to expect you to write them daily, as well as unrealistic to expect members to read them daily. Luckily, MemberClicks’ Callie Walker has found ways associations can make an impactful connection with the community on even the busiest day.

When it comes to fast solutions for member engagement, the internet is your greatest ally. The flexibility of what to post means there is an endless array of creative “micro-engagements” at your disposal. For example, taking pictures in the office and posting to social media can be a fun, easy way to update members, according to Walker.

Not only is this solution quick and easy, but using pictures of daily life at your organization will give your association a more personal touch, which will only strengthen your connection with members.

Alternatively, you can invite members to share their own pictures with a contest or themed hashtag. Not only will you be free from spending time creating original content, but your members will feel more invested in the community.

Asking open-ended questions is another great solution for associations that are strapped for time.

Presenting interesting discussion questions to your community allows your members to drive their experience, which will be rewarding for them and time efficient for you. Try generating a survey or creating a list of potential questions to pull from on a particularly busy day.

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