Tuesday Buzz: Welcome Your New Members

Introduce your members to your association with a seamless onboarding program. Plus: Research discovers how to beat creative block.

Don’t lose ’em while you’ve got ’em.

When you sign up new members, they’re looking for benefits right off the bat. If you give them a weak welcome, they could slip away.

“Some 38 percent of new members [cite] lack of engagement with an organization as the number one reason for not renewing their membership,” Kim Sorin wrote last week on Forward Together, the blog of the association software and service provider Abila.

A good onboarding process can highlight your association’s offerings and ensure long-term engagement by giving new members a starting point.

“Your programs and systems need to be equipped to provide an experience that speaks directly to the member with the content they want, when and how they want it,” Sorin wrote, pointing to the examples of Amazon, Google, and Netflix.

Science Can Help

Need to brainstorm something new or solve a problem? Creative block can make you give up, but you should keep at it. Scientific research recently highlighted by New York Magazine shows how changing your attitude and adjusting a few habits can help you boost your creativity.

Additional Links for Your Day

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Medium grows up. The company has convinced a number of online publishers to drop their legacy sites and replace them with platforms hosted on Medium. It also has plans to allow publishers to monetize their content. Read more here if you’re curious.


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