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Best Benefit Ever: A Guide to Aviation Regulations

The world of aviation is endlessly complex, but the National Business Aviation Association is helping members make sense of one key aspect.

What is it? As the National Business Aviation Association says in one of its ads, “Crossing the Atlantic was easy compared to navigating Congress.” Though anyone from an owner of a single aircraft to a pilot can be a member of NBAA, each is likely to be more familiar with the flight industry than with regulatory changes. That’s why NBAA has an extensive suite of benefits geared toward informing members about them, as well as operational service changes. Members can get updates about flight restrictions; attend events focusing on aviation taxes, regulations, and risk management; and seek guidance from the Operations Service Group. That group offers members assistance with any complicated regulatory question that may be vexing them.

Why it works: Staying up to date on the latest industry-relevant regulatory information is a challenge for every professional, but when that profession takes you to the skies, it comes with a number of intricate nuances because of international law, ever-changing safety standards, passenger information requirements, and more. Violating any of these standards or regulations, even for the most innocent of reasons, is something every member of the aviation community wants to avoid, making these NBAA benefits that much more useful.

Other benefits: NBAA isn’t just providing members with information on the latest governmental practices and standards; it is representing the industry through the association’s advocacy wing, which contacts local, state, and national representatives to ensure pertinent legislation and regulations are being molded with the aviation industry’s interests in mind. Right now, NBAA is particularly focused (PDF) on improving the economic viability, security, and modernization of business aviation.

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Morgan Little

By Morgan Little

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