Friday Buzz: Retaining Members With Research

Knowledge is power, and it may also be your biggest asset for building membership. Plus: Restaurant professionals gathered to get a taste of the industry's future.

Many associations boast in-house research as an important membership benefit, but all research may not be equal.

While education is key, there are certain research points that members may value more than others, according to Tony Rossell, senior vice president of Marketing General Incorporated.

At the top of the list is “member polling research,” which combines relevant topics with active member engagement, two extremely valuable points when looking to grow your community.

“Gathering member perspective on important, newsworthy topics and then sharing it with the media can demonstrate the influence and support that an association is providing to members,” says Rossell.

Associations would also do well to take on topics that may be too difficult for members to do themselves, such as consumer-opinion studies.

“Often [consumer-opinion research] is too costly or complex for an individual member company to produce,” Rossell says, “but done on behalf of many members, it can provide statistically valid and actionable information.”

Whether associations use these specific suggestions or create a more unique strategy, pursuing information that members value is an association’s greatest weapon.

Photo Op of the Day


Chicago played host to hospitality professionals last week during the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant and Hotel-Motel Show, which is co-located with the BAR (Beverage Alcohol for Restaurants) show. Attendees wandered through Chicago’s McCormick Place, where they checked out the latest innovations and heard from leading chefs, restaurateurs, and entrepreneurs.


Attendees were especially excited about “Reality Gets Real,” a session hosted by Restaurant: Impossible‘s Chef Robert Irvine and Bar Rescue‘s Jon Taffer. The “off-the-cuff conversation” entertained and informed members on topics including leadership skills and competition.

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