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How I Got Here: Luke Zimmer

By / Jun 1, 2016 (Handout photo)
Work hard. Play hard. Sleep well.

Luke Zimmer, the American Staffing Association’s assistant manager for sections and member engagement, turned his college work experience into an association career.

Luke Zimmer has been in the association world for less than five years, but working in an off-campus cookie shop in college taught him something he still brings to the office today: “People will be willing to help you out if you bribe them with a delicious cookie.” Here’s a sampling of his job history.

2007–2009: Boulanger at Baked! of Bloomington

2011–2012: Stylist at Levi Strauss & Co.

2012–2013: Research Assistant for the Indiana University Smoking Survey

2013–2014: Project and Office Administrator at the University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA)

2014–2015: Communications and Community Coordinator at URMIA

2016–: Assistant Manager, Sections and Member Engagement, at the American Staffing Association

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