Best Benefit Ever: Greeting Cards, Made Just for You

AARP offers its members a big discount on a service designed to make it easy to personalize greeting cards for loved ones.

What is it? Buying presents for kids or grandkids can be a time-consuming process, especially out of fear you might get it wrong. There’s also a good chance there’s no card in the store that says exactly what you want to say. Fortunately, AARP is offering discounts of up to 50 percent on a number of items at The Gift Card Shop, a service that makes it easy to not only create personalized greeting cards and photobooks but also to find a gift card your loved one will be really excited about.

Why it works: Gift Card Impressions, the parent company of The Gift Card Shop, spent years building out technology that makes it easy to create professional but personalized products. “Our goal is to offer the warmest and most personal digital technologies to celebrate moments large and small,” Gift Card Impressions CEO Brett Glass said in a news release last month. “Through our offer for AARP members, we’re able to provide members with best-in-class gift cards that can be wrapped with the latest digital technology to create the ultimate gifting experience. These simple and impactful technologies transform a gift card gift for recipients, while engaging with one of the largest demographics with tremendous buying power.” Angela Jones, AARP Services’ senior vice president of lifestyle marketing, says that the offering gives members a way “to create personalized and meaningful gifts for loved ones while being mindful of budget.”

Other perks: AARP’s member benefits need no introduction; they include discounts on products as diverse as movies, concerts, coffee, travel, and even driving lessons. You could lose an hour or two researching them.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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