Airlines for America’s New Dashboard Tells You Where the Delays Are

The industry group Airlines for America is working with an analytics firm to create an easy-to-understand dashboard that offers a snapshot of the airline system's current uptime.

Wondering how bad the delays are at U.S. airports? Visit this link, and you’ll get a really quick overview.

The new dashboard, being offered by Airlines for America (A4A), allows people to see, in real time, exactly how many flights are going out on time, as well as which highly trafficked airports are dealing with the most headaches. (At the time of this writing, for example, the only area that seemed to be struggling is Chicago, where O’Hare and Midway were each suffering from delays.)

A4A worked with the tech firm Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) to create the dashboard, which also offers data on flight cancellations over the preceding month, as well as a way to compare the current weather with the status of flights shown on the map. GEE’s vice president for connected aircraft solutions, Bernard Asare, suggested that the dashboard would become a “go-to resource” for industry officials and policymakers alike.

John Heimlich, A4A’s vice president and chief economist, agreed, adding that airline employees and normal air passengers would also find the dashboard useful.

“Weather conditions can change quickly and have a significant impact on U.S. airlines and the 2.2 million passengers they serve every day across the globe,” Heimlich said in a news release. “Airline passengers, airlines and airports now have the most reliable and current information about how potential weather disruptions are impacting travel at a specific airport or across an entire region of the country.”


Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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