Foundation’s New Blindfold Campaign Hopes to Raise Awareness and Funds

A new social media challenge from the Foundation Fighting Blindness encourages people to experience the challenges of living with vision loss.

You may have already done the ice bucket challenge for the ALS Association, but now the Foundation Fighting Blindness has a social media challenge to raise awareness and funds for its cause.

For its first digital campaign, FFB is inviting you to take the blindfold challenge: post a video on social media of you doing something you love while blindfolded with the hashtag #HowEyeSeeIt, then tag three friends to participate.

“The goal of the campaign and the challenge is to spread awareness of retinal degenerative diseases and the mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness,” FFB CEO Bill Schmidt said. “For the campaign, we’re sharing inspiring stories about people with these diseases and how they can thrive despite the challenges.”

FFB has paired people with retinal degenerative diseases—those that cause blindness—with celebrity ambassadors including Harry Shum Jr. from Glee, Rainn Wilson from The Office, and Diane Guerrero from Orange is the New Black as well as athletes and politicians. Videos of these ambassadors taking the blindfold challenge are already posted on the #HowEyeSeeIt website.

“This campaign is personal for me and I am excited to be a part of it,” Christine Ha, campaign ambassador and the first blind MasterChef contestant and winner, said in a statement. “I hope by sharing my story and what I’ve been able to accomplish will not only raise awareness and erase stigmas about diseases causing vision loss, but also give hope to those who are affected.”

While the social media posts will help broaden FFB’s support base and reach, the campaign also encourages people to donate to the foundation online. Donations will fund FFB’s wide range of research programs that study related diseases, drugs to fight vision loss, stem cell research, and gene therapy.

“We think this is a timely and really logical extension of our traditional communications and fundraising efforts,” Schmidt said. “We know across the board more and more charitable giving is moving online, and we need to be there to communicate the importance of our mission.”

After only four days of the campaign, the organization had already reached over a million people on Facebook and raised thousands of dollars. The campaign will run through October 13, which is World Sight Day.

“The impetus for this campaign was really to try to engage more people so we could devote more resources to this, get the job done, and—quite frankly—put ourselves out of business,” Schmidt said.


Alex Beall

By Alex Beall

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