Monday Buzz: Hide the Guts of the Machine

Why you should focus on your front-end design instead of your back-end design. Also: It's time to update your Facebook page with a new design.

If you’re getting paid to do something, odds are that you’re more willing to put up with a frustrating interface than are people paying for access to that interface.

So when it comes down to building stuff targeted at your members, Effective Database Management’s Wes Trochlil says you should make sure the front end is easy to use, even if the back end needs to be more complicated.

“Our first job is to help our customers buy, whether it’s membership, events, products, or services,” Trochlil writes. “Anything that makes it more difficult to buy will dampen our sales. That’s bad.”

The thing is, you can train employees to use your software, but you can’t train customers.

“Hopefully you can choose BOTH,” Trochlil adds, “but the next time you have to make a choice between a better customer experience and a better staff experience, choose the customer!”

Read more on Trochlil’s site.

Update Your Facebook Pages

In case you missed it, Facebook recently made a bold move to change up the design of its pages. (The biggest change? The profile picture no longer overlaps on the cover photo.) In case you need to figure out how to make the most of the new design, check out Social Media Examiner‘s post.

Other Links of Note

Interesting idea of the day: Apparently inspired by some recent talk about the potential of Slack as a member benefit, the startup QiqoChat has launched an association community Slack network to further experiment with the strategy—complete with some dedicated bots. Sign up here.

Amazon’s latest workforce experiment is definitely worth a watch. Last week, the company announced a plan to offer some employees 75 percent of a full-time salary in exchange for a 30-hour work week. Is that the new normal?

If you haven’t logged into your Dropbox account lately, odds are you’re going to have to reset your password. Here’s why.


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By Ernie Smith

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