Monday Buzz: Why Boston Doesn’t Have Cheap Rooms

An array of economic and geographic pressures have boosted Boston's hotel rooms to extremely high rates. Also: Consider these tips on how to approach a niche social media platform, which could help you build your member base.

When there aren’t enough hotels, travelers face a big headache.

Case in point: the current situation in the Boston metro area. The Boston Globe reports that most hotels in the region are commanding historically high rates, with rooms in even the lowest-end establishments, located far from the city center, going for more than $200 per night.

“Those are the going rates now in Boston,” Paul Sacco, executive director at the Massachusetts Lodging Association, told the newspaper. “Gone are the days of $79 rooms that include breakfast.”

What’s causing the extreme price hikes? According to Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau CEO Patrick B. Moscaritolo, the problem is twofold: There’s limited real estate, and the costs to build new hotels are sky high. (And, perhaps more obviously, Beantown is a popular destination.)

“Boston’s not Phoenix or Denver; we have water on a couple of sides and incredible barriers to entry,” Moscaritolo explained. “It’s a combination of high prices of land, availability of raw land, and how expensive it is to build anything.”

The bureau is advocating for the construction of a convention-size hotel to take some of the pressure off business travelers.

Thinking Niche

Is going broad not working out for your association’s social media strategy? Chandra Chakravarthi, Aptify’s coordinator of content, branding, and buzz, suggests narrowing in on smaller social platforms tailored to people with specific interests.

“There’s a niche social network for basically any group you can think of, and if you find your target audience in there—that’s a match made in heaven,” she asserts in a recent blog post.

Of course, you will have to do lots of research on your member base to ensure that you select the right platforms. But to make the task easier, Chakravarthi has prepared a checklist of questions you should ask yourself before diving into niche networks.

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