Monday Buzz: Indie Group Embraces the Artists

A group that represents independent music labels opens up its membership to individual artists. Also: Why you should focus on an approach to learning that makes you unique.

Independent musicians—of the kind likely to show up in a Pitchfork album review or a Stereogum blog post—have a different set of needs than your average major-label type.

Traditionally, the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM), the space’s main trade group, has supported the labels that bring the likes of Bon Iver and Blood Orange to your Spotify playlists. But now the group is offering a new membership option targeted at individuals within the industry.

The A2IM Supporters Program, which is open to individuals or smaller organizations, hopes to fill the gap for those who might otherwise benefit from the group but can’t afford the higher-cost member dues.

The introductory tier [PDF] gives supporters access to the group’s newsletter, offers discounts on industry events, and presents opportunities to back A2IM’s advocacy efforts—which in recent years have included success with getting Apple Music to change its payment structure, launching the Vinyl Tuesday program, and pushing to revamp the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

“We recognize that our Independent community is comprised of hard-working individuals or organizations, some of whom are’t quite ready to be Label or Associate Members,” the group states on its website. “Through this new program, A2IM Supporters are given introductory access to our community and therefore the opportunity to grow!”

The supporters tier, which is $100 annually, is available for all individuals and artists whose labels generate $100,000 or less in revenue each year.

How Learning Makes You Uniquely Talented

You can’t just keep doing the same thing. You have to be willing to stretch your definition of work and constantly show off your brilliance.

That’s a point that KiKi L’Italien, the CEO of Amplified Growth and the mastermind of Association Chat, makes in her latest blog post on LinkedIn—one inspired, of course, by a recent edition of the weekly chat. L’Italien points out that she’s constantly learning, but not always for the sake of her career path.

“But it’s all important. It all helps in building creativity, knowledge, and a unique set of experiences and skills that not everyone has to offer,” she explains. “In a world embracing more AI and automation, how are you developing your unique strengths as a human?”

Read more of her thoughts on creating your own unique path, over this way.

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