Thursday Buzz: What Happens When Your Community Gets Massive?

Management helps save the day for large online communities. Plus: How to spice up panel discussions.

As a community grows in size, some challenges can arise.

To best address them, organizations must not only prioritize strong community management but also scale their communities.

StackExchange and Nextdoor both scale their communities by creating subgroups within them, the team at FeverBee highlights.

However, each has different approaches: StackExchange guides its members through four steps toward going live as a subgroup. Nextdoor, meanwhile, allows people to create a pilot site for their neighborhood if there isn’t one already. Then they have to hit certain targets within three weeks of creation.

Basically, the strategy of both is to allow members to help with community management. But doing so still requires limits.

“Don’t let everyone create a group. Make it harder to create a group and support the right people to succeed,” the FeverBee team writes.

Organizations must also take a few steps to help ensure quality subgroups. These include preventing duplicate groups, making sure group creators have motivation as well as skills and resources, and helping subgroup members successfully grow.

Tips for Your Next Panel

According to a 2014 survey, 63 percent of conference attendees say a normal panel discussion is “OK” or “poor or very poor.” Only 37 percent said the standard panel format was “good” or “great.”

With that in mind, Susan Jacobs offers 10 tips to improve the panel format at the Smart Meetings blog.

Links Of the Day

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