National Cable & Telecommunications Association Gets a Makeover

To keep up with industry it represents, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association is now known as NCTA – The Internet & Television Association. It also unveiled a new logo and updated website.

Sometimes an association realizes it needs a bit of a makeover to better mirror the industry it represents and the services its members deliver.

That’s why the former National Cable & Telecommunications Association is now known as NCTA – The Internet & Television Association.

“The new brand better reflects the kinds of specific services that our companies deliver to consumers and just gives us new energy in how we represent the industry,” said Brian Dietz, NCTA vice president of communications and digital strategy.

In addition to the name change, NCTA also launched an updated website and a new logo which, according to a NCTA press release, “is a bright, bold and sleek design that projects a message of unity, partnership and energy.”

This move comes more than a dozen years after the association changed its name from the National Cable Television Association. Since then, the industry has experienced seismic shifts in technology, which range WiFi to television and video content.

In response to that evolution, the association has been working on its rebrand for several years. NCTA first applied for the name change back in December 2012, and it renamed its former Cable Show convention as INTX: the Internet and Television Expo two years ago.

“So why did we change?” wrote President and CEO Michael Powell on the organization’s blog. “Because we want our brand to be a strong statement about the industry we represent and the future that is in front of us.  And that statement is one of energy, passion and unity for member companies which have a front row seat to one of the history’s greatest eras – the era of technology and connectivity.

Still, NCTA’s rebrand does not represent a turn from its members—traditional cable operators and programmers—but rather a broadening of the scope of these members.

In a 2014 interview with Multichannel News, Powell said that “cable underrepresents the breadth of what we are and what we do. We are not some old-fashioned cable industry. We are probably, now, the country’s most sophisticated full-service communications provider.”

A new video posted on NCTA’s website asks what it takes to represent this industry:

“It takes expertise and an eye toward the future, not only seeing the industry’s complexities but also every angle. And making connections between technology and access, content creators and consumers, entertainment and the economy, to forge consensus and construct policies that advance innovation so that we can unleash connectivity for all.”

A screenshot from NCTA's brand promise video. (via NCTA)

Emily Bratcher

By Emily Bratcher

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