Diamond Producers Association Says “Real is Rare” in New Campaign

As millennials move past societal norms around relationships, one association says diamonds can still exist in nontraditional relationships.

The Diamond Producers Association (DPA) is targeting millennials with its latest campaign, “Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond.”

The campaign, which is is being led by two videos that will air on television and digital platforms and be shared on social media, was produced by Mother New York and RSA Films.

“Millennials have spoken, and while they may not always follow the traditional paths and relationship rituals of earlier generations, they increasingly seek out authentic, meaningful expressions of love which are rare, and therefore precious, in today’s fast-paced, virtual world,” DPA said in a news release [PDF].

Another short documentary-like film will debut this November, the group added. The campaign’s goal: get millennials to buy diamonds.

21st-Century Campaign

As millennials grow up and gain buying power, DPA, which represents seven of the world’s largest diamond-mining companies, realized it had to change with the times.

A DPA-commissioned study revealed even more about [PDF] prospective millennial diamond buyers: Young adults today are geared toward real relationships of true value. While those under age 35 are welcoming of diamonds, they don’t necessarily partake in societal traditions around relationships.

With these findings in mind, the commercial’s producers decided to highlight two types of modern relationships—neither of which are based around the idea of marriage. Instead, they are focused around themes of commitment, honesty, and love.

DPA hopes that re-contextualizing diamonds in terms of these modern types of relationships could convince millennials to buy.

“What is better than a rare and precious billion-year old diamond that is as old as life on Earth to represent the uniqueness and sincerity of a genuine relationship?” Jean-Marc Lieberherr, CEO of DPA, said in a press release. “’Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond,’ beautifully captures what makes diamonds meaningful in today’s world and why they will always be timeless.”

The commercials are notable for the lack of diamonds they feature. (YouTube screenshot)

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