Friday Buzz: Avocados Earn Emoji Love

The trade group Avocados From Mexico celebrates its namesake fruit’s new emoji fame. Also: Why your organization shouldn’t have too many arbitrary business rules.

The latest additions to the emoji list in Apple’s iOS are like avocad-whoa.

That’s because the operating system includes 72 new icons, including a number of food icons, such as cucumbers, potatoes, stuffed flatbread, paella, and always-in-season avocados. Particularly excited about that last addition is Avocados From Mexico, the trade group that markets Mexican avocados in the United States—and has done so quite successfully since its 2013 launch.

AFM has spurred much growth in the space through heavy marketing tactics, such as Super Bowl ads and partnerships with iconic media brands. The new emoji, which the group is celebrating with a new microsite, is just another extension of an on-point marketing game.

“This is an amazing time for our brand, from our ongoing partnership with Sesame Street to our third Big Game advertising campaign ahead, we are continuously looking for fresh, unexpected ways to connect with consumers,” Avocados From Mexico President Alvaro Luque said in a statement. “The addition of the avocado emoji serves as proof that innovative produce marketing works and we are delighted that our beloved fruit is now a trending token of pop culture, year-round.”

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered how emojis are chosen, check out our piece from last year on the topic.

Made to Be Broken

Are business rules at your association causing more problems than they’re worth? Effective Database Management Principal Wes Trochlil thinks so—and he makes the case  about how arbitrary limits on who can become a member can cause far more complications than they’re worth.

“For example, I’ve worked with associations that have such convoluted rules about who can be a member and how one becomes a member that it typically takes a lengthy phone call to explain to the customer how to become a member,” Trochlil writes in a recent blog post. “I can just about guarantee that this association is losing members (or more correctly, missing out on new members) because they make joining the association so difficult.”

Trochlil recommends a close analysis of your business goals and rules to figure out what’s holding you back. Read more over this way.

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