Thursday Buzz: Make Meeting Promotion Easy

Discover more ways to spread the word about your upcoming meetings. Also: Be on the lookout for these specific social skills.

There are a ton of different channels your marketing team uses to advertise a meeting, but are you giving stakeholders like sponsors and presenters the right tools to promote your event?

The Event Manager Blog offers a series of tips for attracting more people to your meetings.

It suggests getting meeting sponsors to spread the word by “creating an email for all your sponsors that has canned posts for social media, the description of their involvement with your event, your event description, and photos or media that they can use to promote it.”

Your goal should be to make it easy for sponsors to promote the event, rather than asking them to do any heavy lifting by coming up with creative assets on their own.

How else can you use the event-promotion emails your team creates? Send that HTML code to your meeting presenters, who can add it to their email marketing software and get it in front of their email list. That way you can reach a broader audience that has interest in your field.

Find out more clever ways to automate meeting promotion here.

Social Media Skills

These days, social media managers are an important part of any organization. But social media is a new and evolving field, making it difficult for hiring managers to know all the skills they should be looking for on a potential hire’s resume.

From visual intelligence to SEO knowledge, the social media management firm Hootsuite highlights six skills all social media managers should have.

Engagement behavior: According to Forbes, when it comes to employee engagement, you get what you give.

Infographic of the day: Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog breaks down staff size, salary, budgets, and more of nonprofit communications teams in a nifty visual.

Teamwork makes the dream work: Here’s one central way to promote more collaboration in your association.

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