Wednesday Buzz: A Business Travel Revamp

A startup’s app attempts to change the way companies do business travel. Also: Smart ways to get more engagement in your next project.

Booking business travel can be a huge hassle, but a new app called TripActions aims to make it easier and cheaper.

The app bills itself as a travel solution for companies looking to streamline their administrative processes.

Here’s how it works: A business traveler uses the app directly to book hotel and transportation. TripActions claims to have a huge inventory for travelers to choose from, including major chains like Marriott and Hilton. Unlike other booking agencies, TripActions charges one flat fee per booking. It also receives commissions from hotels and airlines.

What makes TripActions stand out among other third-party travel apps? It factors in the human psychology of how people view business travel differently than personal travel.

“What people optimize for on corporate travel is completely different than what they optimize for on personal travel,” Ilan Twig, the company’s cofounder and CTO, told VentureBeat. “One corporate buck does not equal one personal buck.”

In that vein, the Menlo Park, California, startup invented an employee reward program called TripBucks.

“For every buck that you save as an employee, the company will pay you 30 cents,” said Ariel Cohen, cofounder and president. “So now you kind of think about the corporate money as if it was your own.”

The company just announced a $14.6 million round of funding.

Infographic of the Day

There’s nothing worse than putting time and effort into a project only to have it land like a dud and receive little to no engagement.

Social Pinpoint delivers an infographic that can help boost engagement and participation in your next effort.

They recommend taking advantage of traditional local media, especially if your project is based in a small town with only a few news sources. And don’t forget “to get out there and meet the people face to face.”

Incentives like giveaway prizes will entice people to participate.

Check out the infographic for more tips.

Good news for night owls: According to MacRumors, an upcoming macOS update will include a new night mode to make reading in the dark a little easier on the eyes.

Continuing education: Tagoras provides insights from a special report by The Economist about the importance of lifelong learning to employment.

Video marketing inspiration: Social media firm Hootsuite takes a look at the amazing ways brands are using 360 video.

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