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How I Got Here: Abner Gonsalves, CAE

By / Feb 1, 2017

Abner Gonsalves, CAE, the partner relations manager at Health eCareers, moved from promoting reggae shows to becoming a master networker.

During college in Providence, Rhode Island, Abner Gonsalves, CAE, booked entertainment and handled some management duties for a local nightclub. While that may seem far removed from his subsequent association management work and his current job as a partner relations manager at a healthcare career-matching service, he says the networking and customer service skills he learned back then have applied all along. Other highlights from his career journey:

Hard work never betrays the worker.

A Working History

1996–2003: Reggae Promoter and Nightclub Manager at Century Lounge Nightclub

2006–2007: General Manager at Bally Total Fitness

2007–2010: Marketing Specialist at American Institute of Architects

2010–2012: Director of Marketing and Strategic Business Development at American Academy of Physician Assistants

2012–2015: CEO at Think Management

2015 –: Partner Relations Manager at Health eCareers

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