Thursday Buzz: The Benefits of Employee Social Engagement

Employee engagement on social media can have wide-ranging benefits for your association. Also: Check your venue contracts for these important details.

Your association has a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a LinkedIn account, and maybe even a Snapchat account. But official organization accounts aren’t the only way that the public learns about your association through social media.

Your employees have personal accounts with their own audiences, and when they tweet or post about the work of your group, they’re helping to build the brand. The American Marketing Association calls this the “social media multiplier effect.”

According to AMA, employee social engagement brings the brand to life and helps to develop employee ownership. They use Reebok’s hashtag campaign, which encouraged employees to show off how they live the philosophy of the brand, as an example.

“Posts such as ‘See ya soda’ or ‘See ya never body contouring! We honor our bodies & earn the muscles we create!’ allow employees not only to live the brand but also to develop it in authentic ways,” writes AMA.

An employee social network can also help to create thought leadership and share your association’s story.

What are the internal benefits of this? AMA says it may build your company’s culture, help retain talent, and even increase productivity.

Check out the article to find out more.

Contract Details

The last thing any event professional wants is a nasty surprise from a venue in the middle of a meeting.

BizBash provides 10 points to verify in a venue contract to ensure that both sides know exactly what to expect.

Does your venue have revenue guarantees? BizBash spoke with Derek Besenfelder, SBE director of special events and client relations, who says, “Clearly state the minimum amount that must be spent in food and beverage and any per-person or bar overage clauses.”

What about noise limitations? Contracts should indicate any noise ordinances and restrictions, so event professionals know what they can and can’t do with outdoor spaces.

Get more venue contract pointers here.

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