Thursday Buzz: Why Online Engagement Declines

Achieving high online engagement rates is difficult---and there are signs that it may be getting even harder. Also: Pick the right metrics for your digital marketing goal.

When you think of important social media performance indicators, engagement metrics are probably top of mind. But Business 2 Community reports that engagement metrics are down across many online channels.

“Trolls, the 2016 election, and general declining interest in online conversations may be to blame for the decline in engagement,” writes William Comcowich. “Online publications are closing comments sections on articles.”

Many associations don’t want to use social channels simply to broadcast content. They want to garner likes, shares, and comments to determine their content’s value and the strength of their online community and marketing strategy.

In light of declining engagement across the web, how much should associations prioritize this tactic, especially considering that there are costs that go along with it?

Infographic of the Day

Speaking of performance metrics, how can digital marketers decide on the best metrics to measure their campaigns? MarketingProfs has put together a handy flowchart to help you decide.

It depends on your goal. If you’re employing an awareness campaign, you want to focus on reach metrics, including views and impressions. Do you want to see how often someone who sees your ads clicks on them? Take a close look at click-through rate measurements.

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