Tuesday Buzz: Are Single Parents Missing Your Meetings?

When it comes to meeting attendance, single parents may not be getting the support they need. Also: how to optimize your keyword research.

Traveling for work is more challenging when you have children, and it can feel next to impossible when you’re parenting solo. That means single parents often miss out on the learning and networking that happens at association conferences.

In a recent post for The Guardian‘s Academics Anonymous blog series, the writer asserts that she would prefer to attend more meetings, which are vital to her work as a scholar. “Conferences can be intellectual lifelines where we make ourselves and our work visible to potential collaborators and future colleagues,” she writes.

But her life as a single mom has stopped her from attending as many conferences as she would like, and it’s easy to assume that her challenges apply to other single parents across different fields. Concerns may include sizable babysitting bills, a sick kid, or simply too much time spent away from a child. All of these can prevent a parent from attending your next meeting.

Has your association found ways to support parents—especially single parents—who want to attend your events? Please share your tips in the comments below.

Strategic Keywords

By now, most association web and content teams understand the importance of having a thoughtful SEO strategy to help people find their content. But figuring out the right keywords to target can be tricky.

Grit Marketing shares several keyword research tips to help you determine what search terms your audience is actually using.

Start by researching your buyer/member personas and taking note of any words related to their pain points that stand out to you. Also, delve into the social media accounts of your current members to learn what they’re discussing or questions they’re asking. And be sure to research your competitors to get an idea of what topics are trending.

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