Thursday Buzz: Motivational Leadership Methods

Discover ways to galvanize your team to be happier and more productive. Also: Webinar marketing tips to help grow your membership.

Unengaged employees can quickly turn an office culture stale and listless. Consider whether this disengagement is due to leaders ineffectively motivating their teams. Making a few tweaks to leadership style and structure can have a big effect on staff morale and inspire people to be more productive.

Inc. shares a few methods for providing inspiring leadership that will amp up your organizational culture and get your staff re-engaged.

First, make sure employees feel connected to your association’s purpose. “It behooves any conscious leader to make a practice of reminding their employees how their work makes a difference, changes the lives of people, and impacts society,” writes Marcel Schwantes, principal and founder of Leadership From the Core.

If you’ve noticed bad attitudes spreading around the office, create a more positive work environment “by offering employees plenty of freedom and ownership of their work, giving them a voice to express their ideas, and allowing for risks to be taken and mistakes to be made as part of their learning and growth.”

In addition, acknowledgment for a job well done will go far with your people. Start by asking employees what types of rewards they desire to ensure that you’re motivating them with things of real value. “Be perfectly clear in your own mind what performance level or behavior you want so that you can clearly tell employees what they must do to be rewarded,” says Schwantes.

Membership Conversion

You already use social media and email to spread the word about your upcoming webinars, but have you tried using Facebook Live to preview your webinar and get people interested?

The Membership Guys talked to online marketing expert Amy Porterfield for her advice on webinar promotion and how to use webinars to grow your membership.

Just because people sign up for a webinar doesn’t mean that they’ll show up. To get as many eyes on her webinars as possible, Porterfield sends out a series of emails up until the webinar starts “about the content she is going to teach, why it’s important they show up live, and a live bonus.”

During the webinar, don’t feel rushed to breeze through your membership pitch. Take 15 to 20 minutes to explain your program and connect it back to what viewers have just learned. This will help to increase your webinar conversion.

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