Talking Tech: Reaching Your Digital Peak

As members increasingly depend on new technologies, associations will have to adopt new methods of delivering member value. Divya Mathew, marketing and communications manager for digital agency Velir, offers insights on how organizations can achieve digital maturity and anticipate future advancements.

What is digital maturity, and why should associations seek it?

Digital maturity describes the level of sophistication that an organization has attained with its digital presence, solutions, and marketing operations. It’s typically analyzed through a framework with different stages of maturity that culminate in an organization’s digital efforts reaching their peak.

By using a digital maturity model, associations can realize significant ROI in a number of areas, including operational costs, time to market, and, ultimately, their bottom line. Most importantly, a digitally mature association can provide maximum value to its members and become an indispensable part of their lives by effectively demonstrating and delivering that value.

How can an association move toward digital maturity?

For an association to reach digital maturity, they must continuously refine and optimize their digital touchpoints until they have a comprehensive, multichannel solution in place to provide seamless, consistent, and impactful experiences for their members. To do so, organizations should approach the process with a predefined framework, looking at projects as small-scale enhancements that can be continuously measured and improved.

In what ways has the definition of digital maturity been changing?

Because customers are becoming increasingly savvy, organizations are finding themselves in a position where they have to rapidly adapt to meet member needs. As a result, the focus for achieving digital maturity has changed from organization-centric digital strategies and tactics that can be employed to member-centric experiences and value.

And as new devices, technologies, and channels come into play and younger generations enter the marketplace, the complexity of the digital landscape will increase. These digital natives have different expectations when it comes to online interactions with brands, so it’s critical for associations to put in place strong foundations for their digital solutions now, in order to grow and evolve in the future.


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