Friday Buzz: Get Your Members to Exercise Their Membership

How to encourage your members to get the most from their membership. Also: Why work-life balance may not be as simple as you think.

Just like a gym membership, what you get out of an association membership depends on what you put into it. If you don’t bother showing up, then they’re not going to see the benefits of joining.

That’s a comparison that Elizabeth George makes in a recent article in Association Success. She also shares a few ways associations can encourage people to make the most out of their membership.

Make sure you’re creating opportunities for your members to connect and collaborate. “Implementing a membership engagement cycle that includes opportunities to become active and involved through peer collaboration demonstrates that we value their thought leadership and subject matter expertise,” writes George.

To get people more involved, leverage your active members as influencers within your organization. Consider developing an engagement program in which “enthusiastic volunteers work personally to welcome new members, assist with member-to-member connectivity at events, and if requested, serve as a mentor within their specific area of expertise.”

Understanding Balance

Many of us think we understand work-life balance: It’s just a matter of scheduling and hours. All an organization has to do is provide plenty of time off for their employees and it’s part is done, right?

A recent article in Entrepreneur says it’s not so simple. “The new generation of workers tends to view this as a false dichotomy where work is not seen as a quantifiable measure, but a meaningful life choice,” writes Ric Kelly.

Kelly contends that baby boomers put a lot of focus on being present in the workplace, but millennials prefer more flexibility. “They are more likely to connect with global colleagues at unsociable hours and do all-nighters to complete projects,” he says. “But in return, they want flexibility and time off during core working hours to catch up with their lives.”

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