Tuesday Buzz: Your Volunteers Should Represent Your Audience

Your most powerful volunteers may be the ones who represent your target audience. Also: How augmented reality technology in the new iOS may be changing events sooner than you think.

Volunteers do such incredibly important work for the nonprofit world. Organizations are keen to accept volunteers from all walks of life, but there are several compelling reasons why your group should make an effort to recruit volunteers who represent your audience.

To start, volunteers who are part of your target audience can help to grow your program. An Engaging Volunteers blog post points to a group called Refugees Helping Refugees, which works to provide citizenship to Somali refugees in New York City. “As these refugees became more involved with the nonprofit’s mission, they developed other initiatives—such as preserving Somali culture through events and courses—to address new challenges,” writes Kayla Matthews.

Representative volunteers who speak and act on behalf of your organization also help to establish trust. In fact, these individuals are best poised to communicate the value of your organization to your audience.

“When these individuals speak out about how your organization helped them through difficult times, it can encourage those looking for help to approach you and your volunteers, while adding validity to your services,” says Matthews.

Be Prepared, Event Pros

Recently, a sleuthing iOS developer found code in the beta version of iOS 11 that indicates there will be some kind of augmented reality (AR)–based guidance for walking directions in the new release. What does that mean for the future of meetings?

“AR information can be anchored to objects or specially designed markers in the real world,” explains Event Manager Blog. “By not relying on signals from satellites, it will be possible to bring turn-by-turn navigation indoors; straight to your tradeshow or conference.”

With the help of AR technology,  by the time your next big meeting comes around, you may be hosting interactive booth content, hanging clickable virtual sponsorship banners, and performing precise attendee tracking.

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