Tuesday Buzz: Movie Theaters as Meeting Venues?

Here's why your next meeting might be at the movies. Also: Is your website turning away millennials?

Movie theaters aren’t just for eating popcorn and watching the latest blockbuster. They may also be a great alternative spot to host a meeting.

In an attempt to woo more moviegoers, theaters are much more luxe than they used to be. These days, your local theater may have stadium seating, reclining seats, and better food and drink selections. With these high-quality amenities, movie theaters are being advertised as a comfortable place to host an event. And plenty of associations and corporations are taking them up on it, reports The New York Times.

Theater giants like AMC Cinemas and Regal Entertainment Group even have their own dedicated event staff. But a theater is inadequate as a space for annual meetings. Instead, think of it as an alternative host for smaller conferences, in part because the audiovisual technology is superior to what you might find at hotels and other venues.

Some event professionals are tempted by the lower cost of theaters as compared to traditional meeting venues. “For meeting professionals, there is a balance between the meeting experience and the investment required to hold the meeting,” said Issa Jouaneh, senior vice president and general manager of American Express Meetings and Events, to the Times.

Attracting Millennials

Young professionals have different needs than your older members, which is why it’s important that your website be tailored to them as well.

“If you want to grab the attention of young professionals, start with the endgame—the why,” writes Callie Walker in a recent MemberClicks blog post. “Make it clear why they should care about your association, membership, and your industry as a whole.” Walker goes on to say that associations should create webpages exclusively for young professionals, where groups can list the benefits that appeal to that generation.

She also makes the case for adding an entertaining element to your site. Try adding “videos (short form and long form), a photo gallery, a quiz (similar to those you see in BuzzFeed—just for fun!), etc.”

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