Tuesday Buzz: How Do You Boost Member Engagement?

There's more nuance to member engagement than you may think. Also: how to create an ambassador program for your next conference.

Why do we love high member engagement? Because it indicates that your association is doing something right. But boosting it isn’t just a result of program offerings—you also have to take serious stock of internal organizational attitudes and the broader external culture.

To start, look inward. “When it comes to member engagement, I believe that engagement is the outcome of a strong culture,” writes cultural consultant Maddie Grant in a recent Association Success post. “To foster a strong, healthy culture, the component groups who make up your association must share a vision.”

It’s important to clearly define what engagement specifically means to your association, she says, and different associations should have different engagement goals.

Also, be sure to meet your members where they are in their careers. “At different points in a career, members have different needs,” says Grant. “Accept that certain groups will be more active than others and respond to their desired level of engagement.”

Ambassador Advice

A tool of any good event marketing arsenal is the brand ambassador. Ambassadors are responsible for representing your event and singing its praises, and they’re effective because they often can reach people you can’t.

Event Manager Blog shares a few tips for developing a formal ambassador program for your next event, complete with onboarding. “When people agree to represent you, you want them to get excited about it,” says the post. “Sending them something, even if it’s just a welcome email, goes a long way to making them feel valued.”

The post also recommends giving ambassadors something unique and special, providing them content or discount codes to share with their audience, and asking their opinion.

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