Wednesday Buzz: Online Community Insight

Online communities can reveal a treasure trove of local chapter information to national associations. Also: Are leadership-development programs keeping women out of the boardroom?

National associations often lose insight into how local chapters are operating—especially when it comes to how chapter members are communicating with each other.

The Higher Logic blog shares ways associations can use online communities to reconnect with local chapters and get a sense of their priorities and performance.

Start by making sure that each chapter has its own community by providing “a dedicated space of their own where they can focus on their members and their priorities.” Each community will have unique discussions, activities, and interactions, allowing you to learn more about each chapter.

How can you leverage this information? “Use the data from chapter communities to learn about each individual group, including how they’re performing and which programs or member benefits are most important to them,” writes Julie Dietz. This knowledge may help you to understand the context behind reports on membership growth and retention rates and volunteer activity.

Women in Leadership

Organizational leadership training and development is designed to find top talent and then help those candidates learn the right skills to be an effective boss. But is it possible that these very resources are keeping women from the C-suite?

The Washington Post reports on a new study from Harvard Business Review that indicates that “many corporate training programs value skills and ‘competencies’ without also measuring how employees score on potential, a system they argue overlooks many otherwise promising leaders—especially female ones,” writes Jena McGregor.

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