Ethanol Group Jumps on Educational Offering for Students

The Renewable Fuels Association, an ethanol group, just launched a new offering aimed at teaching students about the industry as a whole—before they get the chance to use the fuel at a gas station themselves. It’s just one example of the association’s focus on educating the public about the benefits of the fuel variant.

The Renewable Fuels Association just launched yet another renewable resource—and this one is purely educational in nature.

Last month, RFA announced an educational offering targeted at school-age students. The goal of the web-based offering? To make the subject of renewable fuel more approachable.

The association’s program includes interactive course content for three different grade levels: grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

It takes learners through four different educational lessons, including what ethanol is, the material’s environmental benefits, its economic impact, and how the material is used overall. The education offering relies on badges, a response-driven interface, and a whole lot of graphics.

In a radio interview with Ethanol Report, Robert White, RFA’s vice president of industry relations, noted that the educational program came about as a result of a member request. While the association has traditionally focused its efforts on educating current drivers about the benefits of ethanol, it hadn’t done a lot in that direction for future drivers—and RFA saw this as a teaching opportunity.

“Really, what this boils down to is all of these individuals, whether they’re grades 3 through 12, are either our current new generation of drivers or the next generation,” White explained in the interview. “So we want to make sure that when that opportunity presents itself that they may be fueling for the first time or learning about fueling their vehicles for the first time, they have a basis of ethanol that they already have in their hip pocket.”

The group’s public-focused education offerings don’t always look like standard lessons, either. In recent years, it has sponsored the Crappie Masters Tournament Trail, a fishing event that RFA uses to draw attention to the fact that ethanol can be used in boats and other marine equipment.

In his Ethanol Report interview, White noted that the sponsorship campaign was proving a big success—and that the tournament series was already ethanol-friendly “before we even came on the scene,” as ethanol had been widely used by those who placed highly in tournaments—something he says goes against conventional wisdom in the boating world.

“The people who are actually doing it on a daily basis, and competing on a daily basis, are the ones that are using it, and they’re happy to tell their story,” he added.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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