Thursday Buzz: Weird Excuses for Being Late

A new survey from CareerBuilder reports on some of the wildest excuses people use for being tardy to work. Also: American Associations Day 2018 is going strong in DC.

Here’s a fun question: What’s the wildest excuse you’ve ever given for being late to work?

A recent survey from CareerBuilder, reports that nearly 25 percent of those surveyed admitted to being late to work at least once a month. People in the West are more likely to be late than any other region in the country—30 percent of workers in the West are tardy for work at least once a month, while only 23 percent of Midwesterners report the same behavior.

Some of the reasons people come up with for their lateness are total doozies. Hiring and HR managers reported hearing excuses like “I was here, but I fell asleep in the parking lot,” or it was simply too cold to work. Coffee that was too hot was to blame for keeping one individual away from the office, and another accused their dog of eating their work schedule—an adult twist on a classic excuse.

Even though we all run late from time-to-time, 60 percent of employers expect people to arrive promptly every morning. Those employers may take some solace in the fact that 65 percent of late workers will stay later to make up for it.

American Associations Day

American Associations Day 2018 kicked off yesterday and continues today as association professionals flew into DC and headed to Capitol Hill.

Participants intend to meet with members of Congress to educate them on the positive impact association meetings have on the economy and to discuss association-related tax issues.

ASAE used a tool called Thunderclap to help amplify its message on social media. Follow #AssociationsStrengthenAmerica to see highlights.

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