3 Lessons: Gritty Leadership

Lindsay Currie, the director of stakeholder engagement for the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, is a community builder who’s not afraid of hard work.

Build your village. Clicking with a mentor can be amazing, but you will need guidance and support from a wider group. A diverse network of people can provide feedback, inform decisions, prompt alternate outlooks, and support you when things get crazy. Remember that having a knowledgeable staff with fresh ideas makes your job easier and is a reflection on your leadership. Get your staff outside the office to connect too.

Be Jersey strong. Raised in the land of Bruce Springsteen, I’m a Jersey girl who runs on passion, hard work, and a little hope. Leadership positions are not for the faint of heart, and things will not always run smoothly. Leaders must recognize when a fight is worth taking, when to advocate for someone else, when to delegate, and when to move on. Sometimes you will be the rock star, and sometimes you need to go back to the drawing board, but a leader’s work is never done.

Take time to know your staff. These are real people with outside demands on their lives. What are their passions? What do they see as critical to their personal and professional success? We are all human and want to be respected for who we are. If you show that respect, people will be happier in their jobs and lives.

(James Kegley)

Associations Now Staff

By Associations Now Staff

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