Friday Buzz: A Myth About Time Management

It seems like everyone on your team has the same amount of time in their day, but that depends on how you look at it. Also: Design a crisis communications plan before an emergency strikes.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. If someone is more productive than others, then they must be better at time management and have tapped into some secret productivity skills, right?

Not so fast, writes Jeffrey Cufaude in a recent post for Idea Architects.

“[W]hat is important to acknowledge, understand, and appreciate is how many of those hours are genuinely available for our discretionary use,” he writes.“And that’s where the clock starts to tell time differently.”

He goes on to describe a “Day in My Life” exercise that he has used with board members to learn more about them and “what choices are available to them about how they spend their time.” He suggests that the differences in people’s available discretionary time should be addressed on a personal and policy level.

“If we want to build more effective teams, if we want to strengthen interpersonal relationships, understanding a day in the life of others is a very good place to begin,” he writes.

Crisis Response

It’s vital to come up with a communications plan before a crisis hits. “The intent of crisis communications is to strategically restore and preserve an organization’s reputation,” says a new post from the GrowthZone blog. “Even though it might not be a ‘fun’ process to write a plan, it is crucial if you want to be ready to mitigate an issue.”

To get started creating a plan, you’ll need to build your team. Assign a crisis communications lead person who keeps the team on-task and a spokesperson responsible for responding to media questions.

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