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Don't let your organization's great work go unnoticed. Here's how to get more press hits for your group. Also: How to make your next event more healthy and more fun.

Good press is a great way to boost the prestige and resources of your organization, but generating media coverage can be tricky.

Some of us may assume that if we pitch a story to a journalist who covers our industry, then we’ll get some coverage, but that’s not always the case.

“Journalists are choosing from hundreds of stories to cover every day for maybe 1–3 slots,” writes Ricky Yean in a recent post for MarTech Series. “First, the sheer volume means that even if your story is perfectly targeted, they may simply miss it or lack the bandwidth to work on it.”

One way to generate press hits without having to depend on overtaxed reporters is to write opinion and thought-leadership articles. “These types of content not only establish you as a leader in the nonprofit space, but also identify you as an organization that cares deeply about your local community and its needs,” says Alice Williams in a Nonprofit Hub post.

Healthy Events

At your next event, delight your guests by providing them with a few fun and healthy options.

Smoothies are a tasty and health-conscious treat, but you can take them to the next level with smoothie stationary bikes, where an attendee’s pedaling runs the blender. “Simply load up the blender with a combo that your attendee loves, get them to jump onto the bike, start peddling, and keep going until the smoothie is ready,” says a new post from the Event Manager Blog.

The blog also shares recommendations for fun activities, such as dance classes and climbing walls, along with healthy snack and meal options, including on-the-go-salads.

Other Links of Note

Email is one of your organization’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities, but good email encryption is still far off. CMSWire explains why.

There are a ton of free and low-cost apps out there to help out your group with productivity, stats, graphic design, and more. Nonprofit Tech for Good shares a few dozen.

Are you measuring the right social media numbers? Sprout Social details the metrics you need to know.

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