Thursday Buzz: A Day to Celebrate Business Travelers

A nonprofit focused on women's empowerment signs on with for-profits to deliver a national day to honor business travelers. Also: how to keep remote employees feeling connected.

Listen up, road warriors. This one is for you.

An online travel service called Upside is designating April 24 the first-ever National Business Traveler Day.

“National Business Traveler Day marks a new day for business travelers,” said Jay Walker, chairman of Upside and founder of Priceline, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to be joined by 23 leading companies across the country, including many of the largest travel companies, to celebrate April 24th as a day to honor our nation’s business travelers.”

On Wednesday, Dress for Success, a women’s empowerment nonprofit, announced that it is an official partner of National Business Traveler Day.

Nearly 2 million business trips are taken every day, and business travel makes up 3 percent of the U.S. gross domestic product. According to a TNS Global study, women account for about 47 percent of business travel.

“More and more women are increasingly serving as the ‘face’ of companies in critical business dealings around the country,” said Dress for Success CEO Joi Gordon. “Dress for Success’ participation in National Business Traveler Day will reinforce recognition of the equal and significant role women play in moving our economy forward, especially through business travel.”

Stay Connected

As remote employment continues to grow, how can you make sure your remote staffers feel like they’re part of the team?

“When working remotely, employees should have the ability to experience a traditional office environment,” writes Dave Wuethrich in a new MeetingsNet post. “This includes having easy access to resources such as technical support for a computer hardware or software problem.”

Wuethrich says that remote employees and in-office employees should feel like they’re working under the same roof. You can achieve that by using effective communication tools, hiring great employees, and encouraging them to visit headquarters for events and celebrations.

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