Thursday Buzz: Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Little Weird

Don’t let boredom encroach on your next meeting. Here’s how to shake things up at your events. Also: how to get started with a content strategy.

If you want your meetings to break the mold, even small-scale changes and additions can make a big difference.

A new Meetings Today post provides helpful tips for making your next event stand out by being a little more quirky and personal.

“People are too busy, tired, and maybe even a little bit jaded these days when it comes to meetings,” KiKi L’Italien said at a recent Meetings Today LIVE! event. “But if you create an experience for them, you are speaking directly to those things inside them that make them human.”

How can you make things feel more personal at your next meeting?

Try crowdsourcing one of your speakers. “Why force attendees to sit through a presentation with a subject they have no choice in? Select a few speakers, have them ‘pitch’ the attendee audience, and then let them decide,” writes Tyler Davidson.

Or give your attendees a way to de-stress. “Provide attendees with a welcome break in a stressful and/or mundane day of meetings by surprising them with a pop-up relaxation station offering soothing massages, wellness-inspired food and aromatherapy goodness,” says Davidson.

Strategize Content

Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean that you have a content strategy.

Whether you’re thinking about formalizing a strategy or need to start from scratch, Forbes shares smart tips from the pros for content marketing.

Be sure to create content pegged to the news to reach a wide audience. “The key here is to not just synthesize the news. Rather, offer insight into why something is happening and, better yet, how it impacts your current and prospective customer base,” says Ethan Parker of Treble. “If you follow this formula often enough, you become a go-to source for industry thought leadership.”

Other Links of Note

Looking for a few new content ideas? Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog shares a list of prompts for June.

Consider GoFundMe as a tool to reach younger donors. The NonProfit Times breaks down the demographic data of the popular crowdfunding site.

Get your students talking. Here’s how to encourage participation in online classroom discussions, from WBT Systems.

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