Monday Buzz: Create Content That Connects

Marketing content often falls flat. Here's how to create content that really resonates with your audience. Also: While we may each be our own biggest critic, too much self-criticism does more harm than good.

The most effective marketing content generates a connection with the audience that can make them feel understood. And connection can come from widely different tones, be they heartfelt or humorous.

Take comedy, for example. Humor can create a sense of intimacy between your audience and your group, but a few jokes aren’t enough. Effective comedy often comes from shared annoyances. “Good comedy is certainly an art; you don’t just throw ‘something funny’ at your audience,” writes Caitlin Burgess in a new post for TopRank Marketing blog. “Use your audience and their pain points as your guide to thoughtfully create content that will connect and make them giggle.”

And at least some of your content should provide a service to your audience. Many associations distribute thought leadership content, but to be credible, be sure you address your readers’ problems, not just what your group accomplishes or thinks.

“People are constantly searching for answers to their burning questions and resources that will help them learn and find ways to solve their problems,” says Burgess. “When you make it a point to be the best answer for their inquiry, you have the opportunity to make a real impact.”

Show Yourself Compassion

It’s easy to be hard on yourself, especially when you have a challenging job with a lot of high expectations. But according to a recent article from The New York Times, intense self-criticism can be dangerous to your health. A recent Convene post discusses the article and mentions a few ways to be a little kinder to yourself.

“Mindfulness goes a long way toward helping us reshape our thoughts,” writes Casey Gale. “We all make mistakes, and we can learn to trump our negative thoughts with more compassionate reminders that we’re all just trying our best.”

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