Rules of Engagement: Advocacy Actions

3 ways to engage members in an awareness campaign.

National Entrepreneurship Week is a congressionally designated week in February that celebrates business innovation in America. It’s also the best time for the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship to work with members promoting its mission.

Rebecca Corbin, president and CEO of NACCE, calls on members to take three actions, which she says together make up the “secret sauce” to any awareness campaign:

1. Share a tweet. Members were encouraged to retweet and like messages sent out by NACCE’s Twitter account during the week. That simple request resulted in nearly 800 likes and more than 100,000 online impressions, which reached seven countries and 10 states.

2. Teach a lesson. NACCE also wanted to take lessons about entrepreneurship to the community college classroom. Using a private Facebook group, members swapped lesson plans and shared teaching resources, which NACCE then added to a members-only webpage.

3. Participate in a webinar. During the week, NACCE hosted daily webinars with members, each one on a different issue, to keep the advocacy momentum going. “The webinar was the catalyst to getting people organized,” Corbin says. “What was very cool about it too was that through this grassroots effort, all these other associations emerged to participate.”

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