Thursday Buzz: Putting the “Social” Back in Social Media

Posting alone isn’t enough. The Buffer blog shares ways to increase social media engagement. Also: At your next event, get people talking with these creative icebreakers.

We should all know by now that simply posting content on social media isn’t enough to create a community or make an impact. But generating high engagement can be  challenging.

To start, you need to find the resources to engage in conversations online. “Staying on top of ‘mentions’ on social media, tapping into relevant conversations, and filtering out irrelevant social chatter is the basis of most social media engagement strategies,” says Mike Eckstein in a recent Buffer blog post.

You also need to develop and maintain an authentic voice. And after you’ve done all that, you need to figure out how to measure your progress.

Brand impact is one of the metrics Buffer uses to measure success, and social reach is a component of that. “We treat social media as a component of total reach, and it is a big contributor for us to our total reach number,” says Eckstein.

A Little More Conversation

For introverted conference attendees, introductions and small talk aren’t easy. Take some of the pressure off by providing ready-made icebreakers, even if they may seem a little cheesy.

The Event Manager Blog shares a full guide of conversation prompts and activities you can use at your next event.

To get a personal conversation started, try asking, “If you never aged, what age would you want to be for the rest of your life?” or “What do you think is missing from your career or life?”

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