An Acquired Chapter Starts a New Chapter for Printing Industry Group

The Printing Industries Alliance sees an opportunity to expand into serving the direct-mail space thanks to the addition of the former New York metro chapter of Idealliance.

With a little help from a recent chapter addition, a major printing industry group is expanding its member offerings to the direct-mail sector.

The Printing Industries Alliance this week announced the launch of the PIA Mailers Council, a group that will serve mailing companies and printers. The council’s creation comes thanks to a vote by the board of directors of the New York metro chapter of Idealliance to work with PIA instead.

While the new council has roots in a local chapter, it may not be limited to the New York City area when all is said and done. The former Idealliance chapter has existed for decades, and PIA says it is open to expanding the council to other regions if there is sufficient interest.

The group will focus on offering resources to commercial mailers, helping them understand best practices and regulatory issues involving the U.S. Postal Service.

In a news release, PIA President Tim Freeman said he looked forward to expanding the council, while noting the synergy at play.

“Since over 50 percent of all printing is delivered through the mail, printing and mailing are natural partners, and we believe the PIA Mailers Council will achieve great synergy, and find a permanent home, with our organization,” he said.

Freeman added that the council will invest in expanding throughout the New York metro area and will be promoting events designed to introduce the new group to mailers around the region—by mail, of course.

Beyond the new organizational structure and investment in resources, members of the new council will gain access to Mailers Hub, an online community and educational resource targeted at the direct-mail industry.

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By Ernie Smith

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