Daily Buzz: Don’t “Slack” Off on Chapter Communications

Are your chapter leaders struggling to communicate with each other? Find out how one organization uses Slack to enhance national-to-chapter and leader-to-leader relationships. Also: Set your speakers up for success by reducing their anxiety.

If you’re looking to improve communication with your chapters, there may be one simple tech fix: Slack.

After receiving feedback from chapter leaders that they wanted a better way to communicate with each other, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) decided on Slack, a team collaboration tool, as a solution, reports the BillHighway blog.

“Slack was already popular in the designer community so many of AIGA’s members (and prospects) were already using it,” writes Sarah Garrity. “It was an appealing choice because users can set up Slack channels for popular topics or geographic areas (chapters).”

For AIGA, Slack helps leaders share best practices, provide networking opportunities, gain access to information, and exchange ideas.

Think Slack could be right for your organization? The post provides advice on what to consider and how to get everyone on board.

AV Pros to the Rescue

Give your attendees a better conference experience by making your speakers as comfortable and confident as possible. And you can do that by taking care of all the AV and technology aspects for them.

Too many things can go wrong when speakers are literally left to their own devices. Video may not play, the computer and the projector won’t communicate, or the microphone disconnects. You can reduce these common anxieties by having an AV expert get each speaker set up.

“A speaker that feels confident that the technology is going to work makes a better presentation,” says Amanda Kaiser in a recent Smooth the Path blog post. “A speaker that knows what to expect is a better speaker.”

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