Daily Buzz: Improve Your Virtual Meetings

Check out some practical tips for hosting a virtual meeting using your Facebook page. Also: What's your leadership level?

While nothing can compete with a dynamic, in-person meeting in an exciting city, virtual events are great options for members who don’t have the time or budget to travel. And these days, social media platforms make hosting one easier than ever.

A new post from Web Scribble suggests hosting a virtual meeting right on your Facebook page. “You can go live on Facebook and invite members to engage through your live video,” writes Audra Hopkins. “Have them leave comments as you go, and be sure to interact with your crowd!”

Facebook is an excellent place to help your attendees continue their networking after the program. “A great way to do this is to open up a chat room or comment thread that can connect your event attendees,” says Hopkins. “If you’re hosting your event on Facebook or a platform like Facebook, you can create a post and encourage attendees to network in the comments section below.”

Leadership Styles

Do you know what type of leader you are? Quartz at Work examined data from 75,000 employees and more than 10,000 managers and identified five levels of leadership, some that tend to push employees away and others that keep them loyal to their organization.

In the middle of the pack is the transactional leader—one who is “mainly concerned with checking tasks off a to-do list or hitting key performance indicators” and consequently is “not as forward-thinking or charismatic as leaders at higher levels.”

Transactional leaders who want to improve and reach a more effective level of leadership “have to stop operating on autopilot and start building good people skills and habits.”

Other Links of Note

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