Daily Buzz: Associations for Left-Handers (Really)

It’s International Left-Handers Day. Meet some of the groups that support lefties around the world. Also: Ask this question before you rebrand.

Only about 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed, so you could say that it’s a right-handed world.

But southpaws have advocates too. In 1976, a group called Lefthanders International, Inc., launched International Left-Handers Day—and it and a variety of other organizations have been keeping the lefty spirit alive ever since.

Why a separate day? According to Dean Campbell, founder of Lefthanders International, it can be challenging to navigate the world as a lefty.

“Ten years ago, you never would have seen a pair of left-handed scissors on store shelves,” Campbell told the Associated Press in 1985. “You could have walked into a classroom and all the desks would have been the same. Parents are no longer forcing children to use their right hands. I think the awareness we’ve created has helped.”

Since Campbell launched the day more than four decades ago, a variety of organizations have helped carry the torch. Here are just a few:

The Left Handers Club launched in 1990 to help southpaws around the world celebrate their uniqueness and raise awareness of their talents and needs.

The Association of Left-Handers, based in India, has leaned heavily on media exposure to get its message out.

The National Association of Left-Handed Golfers has represented the interests of lefties on the links for an astonishing 82 years.

In case you needed another reminder that there’s an association for everything, here you go.

Tackling a Rebrand

Every association has a certain look and feel, and, as time goes on, sometimes that look needs to change. But when exploring rebrand possibilities, the first question to ask is “Why?” writes Sheri Singer for Association Success.

The answer might vary: You may be looking to attract new members, mirror a change in the industry, or stay relevant. Once the goal is defined, you can move forward with next steps, including conducting market research, creating messaging, developing a style guide, and promoting the new brand.

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