Daily Buzz: Working on the Way to Work?

More than half of commuters work while traveling, a new study finds, and never logging off blurs the line on work-life balance—and might call for regulation from employers. Also: the state of the event industry.

If you’re glued to your work email during your commute, you’re not alone. A study by the Royal Geographical Society found that 54 percent of rail commuters in England use the train’s free Wi-Fi for work emails—a statistic that has led researchers to say that travel time should be counted as part of the workday.

With more and more transportation methods becoming internet-friendly, the study raises questions about work-life balance. “With the concept of clocking on and clocking off no longer straightforward, defining where leisure begins and work ends will be vital for both employers and individuals,” says Jamie Kerr, head of external affairs at the Institute of Directors.

Depending on the industry, creating a boundary between work and home life won’t be easy. Employers will have to decide what qualifies as work and how to appropriately regulate those outside-of-work working hours. For commuters who rely on travel time to close out the workday, those decisions could alter their workflow and productivity.

Event Industry Trends

Wondering how your meetings measure up against the rest of the event industry? Eventbrite surveyed meeting planners to find out the state of the industry. Among the findings:

  • Email is still one of the most critical marketing channels—but only when planners use targeting, personalization, and imagery.
  • Budgets and planning teams remain small, even though more meetings are in the offing.
  • Social media works best with a combination of organic and paid advertising.
  • You should livestream your event.

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