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By / Aug 10, 2018 (Pixabay)

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association has a big presence on Instagram, where it highlights member stories every week and once a month gives a student member full-account access for a day-in-the-life look.

How to hack it? Chances are good many of your members already use Instagram. It’s quickly outflanking other social media platforms, thanks to popular features like Instagram Stories.

So it seems only natural that the American Dental Hygienists’ Association uses the platform in a variety of ways to share members’ stories. Its two most effective tactics are a weekly post called #MondayMember and a once-a-month account takeover.

For #MondayMember, ADHA starts with an online survey asking members to share a bit of background information and a personal story. It selects one to feature each week. Here’s this week’s post:

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#MemberMonday Meet Emilie Bonovitch, RDH, BSDH from Richmond, VA. Emilie has been in practice for 4 years and loves making connections with her patients. "To see them get healthy as a direct result of dental hygiene care makes me so excited for them! When I get excited, they get excited and they keep up the hard work!" Emilie looks forward to seeing how her ADHA membership will make a difference. "Even just a little change can reflect on so many levels. I think of each member as a ripple in a pond, it stretches out beyond what we can see and can affect so much more than we expect." Thank you for being a part of the ADHA family, Emilie! If you'd like to be featured in #MemberMonday, take this short survey:

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And once a month, ADHA gives a student member full-account access to post photos and videos to the @yourADHA story feed. “It’s a day-in-the-life look at student members’ lives,” says Natalie Judd, a principal at Big Voice Communications, who works on strategic communications with ADHA. “Instagram has really come on fast for us and this group.”

Why does it work? These two types of social engagement are helping to grow ADHA’s member presence on Instagram—the account has almost 4,700 followers. “We’ve had really great success, and it drives our Instagram numbers,” Judd says. “Our engagement rate with these posts are sometimes 100 times the average rate.”

What’s the bonus? Instagram can be used to engage young members early in the membership experience and to spotlight those who show potential as up-and-coming leaders, Judd says.

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