Daily Buzz: Ride the Lightning

A Forbes writer explains why your organization might be better off embracing the chaos of disruption. Also: a distressing set of Facebook stats.

It’s a fact of life: If you’re an association leader, you’re going to have to ride through waves of change. So you might as well get comfortable being uncomfortable.

A recent piece in Forbes by author and leadership expert Bruce Weinstein features a series of tips culled directly from association execs doing their best to help their members survive and thrive through disruption. One of the most interesting was inspired by John Barrett, executive director of ISSA—the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

“I can’t believe how uncomfortable business has become for everybody,” Barrett said. “We have 9,000 member companies, and they’re all being disrupted. Whether it’s industry consolidation, the internet of things, or just reduced cycle times, companies have to assume more risk than at any time in their histories.”

Weinstein framed ISSA’s resulting strategy as a “ride the lightning” approach. Rather than staying stagnant, the association is embracing “very deliberate diversification” in its revenue picture, relying less on its tradeshow and more on certification, education, and media.

It’s one of many enlightening insights Weinstein has gathered from association execs from across the spectrum.

Working Harder for Less

If you want to stress yourself out, check out this tweet.

Recently, the social companies Buffer and BuzzSumo teamed up on a survey that highlights the need to increase your social media mix. A key—and very scary—finding is that marketers are posting way more on Facebook but getting way less engagement.

It’s not good news, but it’s definitely news you can use.

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