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Your members (and potential members!) rely on your association’s online presence. Here’s what you need to ask to make sure it delivers. Also: gamifying your meeting.

For many members, your association is a digital-only experience. Although some might attend conferences and in-person meetings, many more will depend on the communities, education, and other resources your organization provides online. “In that way, current and prospective members are perusing your website, social media, app, online community, etc., to fill their digital shopping carts, too,” says Kylee Coffman on the DelCor blog.

To ensure your members’ and customers’ digital experience is a good one, Coffman says associations should ask themselves these questions:

Do you have the right people with the right digital skills to create a successful online experience for members?

Is your organization providing the IT tools it will take to accomplish your digital strategy goals?

Will your digital plans and policies be able to deliver a rewarding online membership experience?

“Your members, customers, and prospects have many options on where to spend their online time and where to fill their digital shopping cart,” Coffman says. “By stocking your digital IT bag with the right people, policies, talents, and tools, you’ll gain an advantage in ensuring your digital properties are ‘the place to be,’ keeping constituents coming back for more.”

Gamify Your Event

If you’re looking to add more fun and games to your conference, then do just that—gamify your meeting.

“Gamification works because it plays off the emotions and motivations of people, helping to unify them as a group with a common purpose,” says Katie Baker in a post on the Expo Logic blog. “Using gaming elements brings your attendees together in a relaxed environment while providing them with memorable, high-quality experiences.”

Consider creating a sponsored gaming area or hosting a social media competition throughout the event to boost attendance and engagement.

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