Daily Buzz: Celebrate Your Most Engaged Members

Highlighting your most involved members will show they are valued—and could prompt less engaged members to get involved too. Postmates' embrace of rapper Post Malone offers a great example of this. Also: ensuring secure meeting Wi-Fi.

All of your members are important to your association, but let’s face it: Some are more involved than others. To encourage more engagement with less-involved members, organizations should shine special attention on those who are engaged.

For example, Postmates, a courier service, recently honored its most dedicated customer, chart-topping rapper Post Malone, in a blog post. The company shared some of Malone’s favorite items, divulging his love for Popeyes after one purchase cost the rapper about $8,000 in biscuits alone for a Coachella party. The company says that he’s spent more than $40,000 on the service in the past year alone.

“Whether it’s in the studio or on tour, Postmates has become Posty’s best friend. He ranks as our #1 most dedicated customer: having ordered nearly 3,000 total items, on more than 660 orders, in 52 different cities nationwide,” the company says.

Now, your organization might not have celebrities in its membership, but it does have influencers of its own—your most engaged members—and celebrating them and their achievements will show that they are valued.

Beyond great strategy, it’s also good content marketing.

What’s the Wi-Fi Password?

The first thing most attendees will do when they walk into your meeting is connect to the Wi-Fi. As a meeting planner, that means you need to make sure your Wi-Fi connection can accommodate your attendee and conference’s tech needs while also being safe and secure.

Before deciding on any Wi-Fi network, Eventsforce recommends considering the following:

What tech features does your meeting include? Polling and voting can be a great way to engage guests, but “if the Wi-Fi isn’t strong enough then your delegates will not be able to participate,” the Eventsforce team says.

Will the Wi-Fi be able to accommodate speakers and moderators? Like attendees, speakers will likely rely on a reliable internet source for their presentations.

How secure is the connection? ”Wi-Fi that is free (and possibly fast) is no longer good enough for event planners when it comes to data security.” Opt for a private, password-protected network to ensure attendees’ personal information is safe.

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Post Malone, one of the music industry's biggest 2018 success stories, is big on Postmates. (Ralph Arvesen/Flickr)

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By Jeff Hsin


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