Daily Buzz: Reinventing the Membership Wheel

If you’re having a hard time with membership recruitment or retention, it’s time to seek a new strategy. Also: a conference badge that doubles as a working computer.

Membership is at the heart of any association—it’s the key component that every decision should lead back to. And if your organization is struggling in the recruitment and retention departments, its survival relies on a new membership strategy.

In a post on the MemberClicks blog, Kevin Ordonez talks to CEOs from associations that turned their membership woes into great success. Their key takeaway? Don’t be afraid to get personal or break from tradition.

For the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council, for example, Executive Director Gail Rutkowski strayed from the customary digital approach and went straight to members. “People will ignore emails, but if you connect with them on the phone, it makes a difference,” she said. “I call and talk with two to five members each week. Many are people whom I’ve never spoken with before. I’ve been able to get them involved and to agree to help us through these conversations, more than through any other strategy. I personally assist them to register for events and participate.”

This direct-to-members approach might not work for your organization, and that’s OK. “One-size-fits-all does not work in the association world,” Ordonez says. “Associations that understand how to celebrate the past and reinvent the future stay fresh, contemporary, and inviting for both current supporters and new kids on the block.”

The Perfect Meeting Badge

Conference badges can be a fun token for attendees, especially when meeting planners go all out to find one that represents the essence of the meeting.

For this year’s Hackaday Superconference on November 2-4—an event for hardware hackers, builders, engineers, and enthusiasts—planners did just that. The conference badge itself is a computer, with hardware that runs BASIC and CP/M operating systems, includes a color screen and full keyboard, and allows users to save and load programs. Talk about computing the perfect meeting souvenir.

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